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      ABOUT US

      Shenzhen Jason Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the planning, design and modern laboratory basic equipment, laboratory waste gas treatment, environmental protection equipment, air purification system design and installation, experimental cabinet research and development and production. Operating sales laboratory supporting basic equipment, laboratory equipment, chemical glassware, chemical reagents, plastic products, chemical raw materials, eyewash and other experimental peripheral products, and provide related technical consulting services, the company's products are widely used in hospitals, schools, biopharmaceuticals , inspection and testing, medical and health, chemical electronics, tobacco food, public security bureaus and judicial identification centers and other scientific research institutions and surface treatment industry.
      We have a strong sales and technical team, and we have accumulated a mature laboratory design concept. From the preliminary planning of the laboratory, the installation of basic equipment, the configuration of experimental instruments, to the normal use of the laboratory, take one stop. Service. In the "quality first, integrity-based, customer first" business principles, to provide customers with high-quality and thoughtful services, to create a safe and comfortable working environment for laboratory staff.
      Business scope: modern science laboratory planning and design; intelligent ventilation, purification system planning, design, decoration, installation; production test bench, platform, instrument table, medicine cabinet, utensil cabinet, emergency eye wash, clean bench, washing pool , gas cylinder cabinets, fume hoods; sales laboratory equipment, reagents and various types of stainless steel products.



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